Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why One Should Not Bother Cleaning Her Windows with Toddlers in the Home:

Besides the obvious: their fingerprints end up all over the window only seconds to minutes after you've cleaned it making this a very futile endeavor, there's the less than obvious but very real possibility of one child spraying the other child in the face with the Windex that's left on the stairs to be taken upstairs on the next trip. Yes, I had a bad mommy moment today, but don't we all?!

I did leave the Windex within reach of my two near 3 yr. old boys, one of whom (will remain unnamed) sprayed the other in the eyes. For your reference, Windex is seemingly rather harmless when sprayed in the eyes with it per the Windex company people, but if your child has eye issues, you may want to call your eye doctor just to make sure no further action is necessary. (Guess that little bit of information gives away who sprayed who, huh?!) :)

All parties involved in our little incident today seem to be fine, but this momma is going to think twice next time she gets the compulsion to clean her windows. What was I thinking?!


Zoanna said...

At least the culprit has age to blame on his carelessness. One of my nephews at age 15 decided to spray one of my boys, age 12 in the face with it. No major harm done, but it sure stung for a few minutes, and made ME mad as a hornet. Don't worry, by age 5 they'll know better and want to help. I give Joel the Windex because he likes to use it and does a pretty good job with 'the gun" as he calls it.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the boys figure out they can use Bella as an art canvas - ripe for markers! Ha!

Time to buy windex wipes. Those must've been invented by a mom.

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the time my youngest was in the bathroom by himself, playing in the sink I thought. When I entered the bathroom he had bright blue all over his mouth, the sink, and some floating in the toilet. It was an antibiotic rx for another family member. So, of course, call the Poison Control Center, administer Ipecac, go outside wait for the child to throw up, the phone repairman shows up and the phone is ringing It was also the first day of school...children will be children, huh. Sounds like you are having some very regular toddler activities. I suppose it is better than doctor visits, funnier at least since the outcome was good!

Alivia's Momma said...

Happy Mother's day dear friend.

Roulette Secrets said...

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