Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Real Doozy

We have a real doozy of a day tomorrow. We will be taking Bella and Judah to Hopkins for dr's appointments. At 11:20 a.m., Bella will see a laryngologist who will take a scope through her nose and down her throat to see if her airway defect (laryngo/tracheomalacia) has improved at all since birth. Needless to say, I'm not so thrilled to be subjecting my little girl to such a procedure, but we feel it's what is best. She had this done while in the NICU at Hopkins, but we weren't there to witness it. Tomorrow, I will remain by her side, praying the entire time. She will not be put under anesthesia which I'm grateful for in one respect and wish otherwise in another. I will comfort myself with the thought that she will not remember any of this.

As for Judah, he has a laser treatment on his face. His appointment is at 2:30. Numbing cream needs to be applied at 12:30, 2 hours ahead of the treatment. If you haven't noticed, it's going to be a little tight tomorrow, but thankfully Lawrence will be coming with me to help ensure we can pull it off.

Laser appointments are never fun; Judah always screams. I'm not sure how he'll do having the cream applied somewhere in transit tomorrow...whether in the car, in the outpatient clinic bathroom or somewhere else. He's been doing so well with his other doctor's appointments, but I think it'll take him much longer to willingly subject himself to the laser treatments.

Please pray that:
  • Our day will be characterized by many evidences of God's grace and mercy.
  • Bella will be well enough to have the scope done (she just started with a cold).
  • Bella will cooperate (as much as a 3 month old can) with the procedure and that her airway will be improved since birth.
  • Judah will allow Lawrence to apply the numbing cream and cooperate with the laser treatment.
  • Judah will have minimal if any bruising/blisters from the treatment.
  • All appointments will run on time and we'll be able to get to Judah's laser appt. on time. His laser Tx is in a different building than Bella's procedure.

God willing, if everything goes well enough, we have a fun weekend for the kids ahead of us. We have a little buddy's 1st birthday party on Saturday to attend and another friend's 4th birthday party to attend on Sunday. Getting birthday cake two days in a row is like dying and going to Heaven for my little buddies. So, I'm hoping we'll be able to swing it!!

Thanks for praying.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! We are doing the birthday party thing too. Stephen & Joy's daughter Alma will be 5. Good luck tomorrow with all those appointments. We'll be praying for ya!

Beth Young said...

Definitely will be praying.

Zoanna said...

Remembering you in prayer tomorrow (and tonight as you think about it or try not to).

Alivia's Momma said...

oh tubes in any part of your baby are never fun. I will pray for strength, that you resist the temptation to hit whoever is doing the procedure (thats what I wanted to do when Livi got her NG tube) and that it will all be smooth and seamless (I know how hospital time works sometimes). All miracles and all within God's control. Love you.

peg said...

praying for you all today :)

can you post another picture of your Bella Soon? She must be getting big!!

My Johnny is 14 today!