Friday, May 19, 2006

Further Complications

As of 2:30 a.m., Judah has thrown up, too. Thankfully, we had just been awake to flush his IV line, so we heard him cry out after he had thrown up in his crib. After putting a call into the neuro. dr. on call, she felt that we may still be able to go ahead with tomorrow's schedule. It will all depend on how Judah is feeling. Hopefully, he won't throw up again. And, hopefully, I won't get sick as my stomach has been upset ever since we brought Tucker home.


jamie said...

i want you to know that i will be praying for you and your boys as Friday seems to a packed day at the hospital. i will pray for grace and strength as you wait for each appointment and for peace as one of you goes to the hospital and one stays home. as trials continue to appear continue to worship the only one worthy of worship-Christ. He stands with you and is beside you in this time.~jamie sentz

Suzanne said...

I am praying for all four of you today!

Danielle said...

My goodness, I'll be praying for you guys. With Tim's funeral and all yesterday I hadn't checked blogs so I've just caught up on all that's going with you guys. You'll be in my prayers.

peg said...

Hi Bri,
I just heard about what's going on through Lauries' blog. We're praying for you all and will be in touch. May God's grace be tangible to you.

Beth said...


I've been in my own little bubble of visiting a hospital this week so I've been out of the loop with all of this. The challenges and trials aren't just about the "trial" but rather how we respond in our hearts. How will God use it? Will we trust Him with our little ones? It sounds so simplistic to answer these questions, but in our hearts it's never just that simple. Each day is new. Over and over again I just give God everything - quite literally - as I close my eyes and picture myself just handing over all the worries, fears and problems so I can gain His rest. His REST! That is such a great promise to cling onto! In the long distance journey Lawrence described, we'll need that rest to carry on to the end.

I love you and you were on my heart this week as I've been resting and wondering why I am going through medical things myself. I pray that all went well today for you and Judah, that both boys feel better (sounds like a 24 hour bug!) and that you'll feel God's grace on you today!

Love, Beth