Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just the Facts...

As I am too tired and it is too late for commentary tonight.

Many of you have called or emailed for an update, and I'm sorry it's taken us this long to post something on the blog. Thank you to all who are caring for us and carrying us on your hearts and in your prayers during this time. I'm so sleepy, I have to keep blinking my eyes to clear the fog that keeps forming over my, this post is likely to have typos and barely make much sense. I'm also sure I'll leave out many thank you's, but I'll try to get to them later.

Overall, Judah seems to be doing very well (at least I think so even if none of the medical staff is commenting in such a way). It was difficult for Judah to go so long yesterday without food; he became rather tired and weak before surgery, but not weak enough to cooperate with pre-op. exams and prep.

Dr. Carson was going to place the shunt on the right side, but after reviewing Judah's scans a second time decided to place it on the left. The surgery went well; there were no complications. Judah even seems to be doing better with the intubation/extubation than he ever has in the past which is really just remarkable.

Judah was pretty much sleeping or resting until this afternoon. While he slept rather well last night, I did not. His IV line, placed in his foot, kept getting kinked which would set off an alarm on his IV machine. The nurse would have to come in nearly every 10 minutes to re-adjust his foot or unkink the lines (there are about 4 different lines hooked into his IV among other cords for monitors). Also, at a teaching hospital there are always about 20 or more doctors/residents/med. students assigned to a case whose schedules are not really in sinc with normal people's. So, throughout the night, there were several doctors (I quit asking names after a while) in and out of the room. Needless to say, I didn't sleep so well. But, I am home tonight for a brief respite and hopefully will sleep much better. (I'm still hearing the beeping IV alarm go off in my head.)

His IV line was removed this morning b/c it has blown. Thankfully, apart of surgery prep. was to place an additional line in his hand, so everything is being given through that one now. Pray that the IV in his hand does not have to be removed prematurely, too.

I am hoping for a discharge tomorrow. In order for that to happen, Judah's IV fluids will be decreased, and they will watch to see that he is adequately hydrating himself. Also, the pain medicine he's currently receiving through IV will be cut off, and he'll be switched to a different pain medication that he takes orally so that he can take it at home if need be.

Pray that Judah will get his appetite back and hydrate well enough to be sent home. Pray that we'll be able to manage his pain with the oral meds. as well. And, continue to pray for the shunt to function properly and without any complications.

Thank you..we simply can't say it enough. We don't know why we are loved and cared for like we are but that God has lavished His love upon us, and you are just a tangible demonstration of that.

Thank you's:

  • Jo and Kyle (thanks for lunch and the trucks/books. Kyle, the book you picked out seems to be his new favorite. Good pick, buddy!!)
  • Lori Chambers: those wheat crackers were awesome! And, thanks for the walk outside.
  • Abuelo (Judah's grandfather): How much he loves the abuelos!!
  • De, Missy, Phyllis, Meaghan, Kate, Laurie, Heather, Marie, Peg (wish I could get a hug from you right about now, too): thanks for your calls.
  • Chesapeake Community Church staff: thanks so much for the balloons and puppy you had delivered. What a thoughtful gesture, and one of the few words Judah said today was "balls" when he was playing w/ the balloons.

I think there must be more, but I just found myself trying to pry my eyelids open with my fingers...that is a sure sign it's time for bed.


Jen Clemmer said...

Praying for some good rest . . . even if it's only for a few hours. Got to love teaching hospitals!! So glad to here that everything went well.

Love ya,

Danielle said...

Was glad to hear things went smoothly. We prayed for Judah and your family last night at Worship Practice. Will continue . . .

Kathy W. said...

We have prayed for Judah often over the last several days, and we will continue. Ruthie keeps praying that Judah will not cry. She also prayed that he would not be "scary; I mean, scared"! She is very sensitive to the pain of others, so she seems especially worried for your little guy. We are anxious to hear further updates. Praise God for His kindness thus far!

Audrey Drago said...

I wanted to let you know Briana that I have been keeping you all in my prayers these past few days...I will continue to keep praying...

Zoanna said...

You are in our prayers, too. School is winding down. AFter June 9th Sarah can help you more. AFter the 9th, Sarah can babysit during the day. Glad to hear surgery went better than expected.
Will remember your specifics in prayer.