Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How To Pray. How to Help.

We just can't thank you enough for how you are faithfully praying for us and encouraging us through this time. So many of you have thoughtfully sent a card or an email, called or commented here on the blog. Several of you have offered to help in practical ways, and I'm about to let you know how. And, I know there are many, many more of you who are quietly trusting and faithfully praying to our God who is seeking to be nothing but good to us and bring glory to Himself.

My friend, Karen, encouraged me tonight with this thought, "God has not brought us this far to leave or forsake us now." I'm hanging onto that tonight as I try to rest my head on the pillow and tomorrow when we're 'in the heat' of it all.

Here's the scoop for tomorrow, or at least what we know thus far.
We will be arriving to the hospital around noon, surgery to take place at 2 p.m. It's typically a 2 hour surgery with a 2-3 day hospital stay afterward. Judah can have nothing to eat or drink after midnight tonight. We are leaving Tucker with our good friend, Heather, for tomorrow and then Lawrence and I will be switching back and forth to keep Tucker at home for the remaining time Judah is in the hospital.

Please pray that:
  • Judah will fare well with anesthesia, recover quickly and without complications from surgery.
  • God will give Dr. Carson and all other dr's involved in Judah's case wisdom and skill to bring healing to Judah.
  • God would sustain Lawrence and me in every way through His truth and His provision.
  • God would give a special grace to Tucker and whoever watches him while we're at the hospital with Judah. This has been rough on him, too, and he is definitely letting us know that.
  • We would have a song of gladness in our hearts for the mercy God pours out on our lives, and that we would see tangible evidence of that mercy.
  • We would remain steadfast in our trust of God no matter what the outcome and desire His glory above all else.

For those who have asked how to serve us practically during this time, some suggestions might be:

  • Pray, pray, pray. Fast and pray. Praise God through song and pray. There's nothing impractical about it. :)
  • If you come across a scripture or a quote that encourages you, it may encourage us, too. Email it to us or send it in a card; leave it as a comment on our blog. I have told a few friends today that one does not need to have had a son who has gone through brain surgery in order to know how to encourage us. One simply needs to know God's truth and share it with us. We know it, too, but in these times, we need reminded again and again, sometimes many times within even an hour's time.
  • If you're really up for a trip to the city, consider visiting us while we're at the hospital. It would probably be good to call us first, though, just so that we can make sure it's a good time for you to make the trip.
  • As far as meals (some of you really want to cook for us), I'm hesitant to ask anyone to make an entire meal for us as I'm not sure where we'll be, who will be home to eat it, and whether or not we'll even feel like eating (well, me anyway; Lawrence pretty much always feels like eating). Let's say if you really want to make us a meal, let us know or Heather Griger, and we'll try to let you know when it would be best to do so. It might be better to think in terms of making us a "plate" of food rather than an entire meal or providing small, healthy snacks to bring to the hospital if you come.

We have thanked God again and again for surrounding us with His love, care and mercy in the last week as mostly demonstrated through you. There were numerous times today when I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually losing my grip, so to speak. Each time, God prompted someone to call and encourage me or pray for me. It was like He extended His arms to pick me back up off the floor again (sometimes literally) to keep on walking in His Spirit and to keep on doing good when I was weary. Thank you!

Some day, my sons will also thank you. Their lives are greatly impacted by your love and prayers. I look forward to the day when they can thank you themselves.


Jen Clemmer said...


Bradley and I have been keeping all of you in our prayers. We will be thinking of you during Judah's surgery. Such a blessing that you are so close to Hopkins!!
We'll be checking your blog frequently for updates.
Love you and miss you,

Beth said...

We are praying and I am fasting from 2 pm today at the time of his surgery until 2 pm tomorrow. You know, I read this blog and felt what you were going through (sort of). It's so comforting to know that we have a Savior and we are able to cry out to Him and He hears our prayers!!!! PS: I'm just stressed that you're getting through the 14 hours of Judah not being able to drink or eat, let alone brain surgery. We love you guys tons.


The Young's

Alivia's Momma said...


Right now your little guy is in surgery and I am praying for you (and him). I know how it feels having to hand off your baby to surgeons. I was a big mess when we handed Livi off. I pray that God's arms are holding you and Judah (and Lawerence and Tucker..too) and comforting your mothers heart. I can't tell you how much I want to take this burden for you.

I have no more words. But know I love you and am crying for your little guy. Wish I could be there. Too bad we can't move our hospital close to yours so we could all be together over the next few days. (Who would have thought back in college that we would have babies in the hospital at the same time... not really what we expected, huh?)

love you

Becky Christ said...


I have been reading your blog since Mike found out about it from Lawrence at the viewing last Wednesday. I've really been encouraged by your faith in the midst of trial and the way you see even the everyday stuff through spiritual lenses. I'm praying for all you guys, You and Judah and Lawrence at the hospital and Tucker who's having his world shaken up too.

peg said...

we too are praying for all of you and wish we were closer to help. I'm looking forward to the update on how surgery went.
Peg & Paul & kids

Alivia's Momma said...


hi hospital buddy. why can't we be in the same one so we could hang out? at least then there would be something fun while we're here. haven't heard anything so I'm praying no news is good news. love you tons.