Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our Saturday

Our Saturday was spent resting, re-grouping and reviewing God's mercy to us over the last several days. We all got outside to enjoy a very beautiful day, took two wagon rides and walks around the court with the boys, played in the backyard and went through the house trying to assess the damage from a few days off of our normal routine.

I am feeling a lot better than yesterday and was recovered enough to care for the boys when Lawrence fell prey to the stomach virus earlier this evening. He is in bed even as I write. While it would have been really great for Lawrence to have been passed over, we are grateful that he remained well long enough to take Judah to the hospital yesterday and to care for the boys until I regained some strength. God is very kind to us.

Judah seems to still have a touch of the bug as his appetite is less than normal and we're still seeing some nasty diapers. Despite that, he has been his pleasant, normal self. Apart from the bandaid covering his hand where the IV was inserted, one would never know all he's been through in the last several days. He is such a trooper.

We continue to be blessed by your phone calls, emails and comments left here. Lawrence and I spent a couple minutes hearing one another out on how we're both doing with all of this spiritually. As we spoke, we were truly amazed by God's grace, not that we have been free from temptations to grow angry, bitter or anxious, but that God is enabling us to choose His perspective, peace and joy through all that's happening. We are certain that your prayers and encouragement on our behalf is one of the more significant means of grace in our lives right now. So, thank you and keep 'em comin'!!


Beth said...

yah, I was waiting for Saturday's post all day today! I'm sorry to hear that Lawrence did get sick but so funny how that all worked out, huh? And it did work out. God is faithful and you guys are blessed. We have been praying for you guys and will continue. I have a touch of the stomach bug tonight myself so not sure if I'll see you tomorrow but I'll see you Monday for sure.

Beth said...

"yay" not "yah". Oops.