Monday, May 15, 2006

Two Appointments for Judah This Week

Briefly, I wanted to ask anyone who reads our little blog to pray for Judah this week. He has two appointments, one with his opthamologist and the other with his dermatologist.

I try to limit his appointments to one a week at the most because it is stressful for all involved: trying to find a babysitter, leaving Tucker behind, putting Judah through the waiting and the appointments themselves and just the general drain it has on our energy and productivity here at home. However, I'm choosing to believe that God Sovereignly ordained for these appointments to fall within the same week.

The first appointment is with his opthamologist, Dr. Abrams, on Wednesday. This is to follow up on some findings of concern from his last EUA for his eyes. She needs to dilate his eyes and check for swelling on his optic nerve. This requires a lot of cooperation that I have yet to see Judah offer. I'm setting my expectations low and anticipating that she'll recommend he be put under anesthesia to get a good look at the optic nerve. However, I'm going to ask God and ask you to ask God for a miracle: that Judah will sit still and give Dr. Abrams a good look into his optic nerve. Also, pray there will be no notable swelling as that may indicate intracranial pressure.

The second appointment is with Judah's dermatologist, Dr. Cohen, for a laser treatment on his face. Please pray that my good friend, Heather, and I will be able to apply the numbing cream as quickly and with as little stress to Judah as possible. Pray that Tucker will nap well at Heather's house while Judah and I are gone. As always, pray that I will wisely and with compassion shepherd my sons' hearts through these circumstances and that God's Spirit will fall upon them to give them peace. Pray that the treatment itself will be effective and that Judah will not blister too badly.

Thanks so much for your ongoing prayers on our behalf. We are always in need of them and greatly lifted up by them.


Danielle said...

I'll be praying for these concerns this week, Briana.

Beth said...
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Beth said...

Briana, of course I'll be praying for you, the family and for little Judah. Thank you for being so open so that we know how to pray specifically.