Monday, May 29, 2006

A Good Weekend

We've been blessed this weekend in ways we did not anticipate.
Judah's pain has been managed on Tylenol alone. We are very grateful he hasn't had to take the narcotic prescribed to him. Thank you, Lord! He and Tucker have done very well leaving his stitches alone for the most part. Judah has been uncomfortable with the stitches on his belly, but he's been able to bear it with just a little TLC from momma.

It seems Judah's appetite is still not quite back to normal, but his diapers are slowly getting back to normal. He has been incredibly pleasant and has managed to not bump his head or belly on anything. Thank you, Lord!

Judah was doing so well that we decided last minute to make a surprise trip to my mom's in PA. Before Judah's surgery was scheduled, we were planning to spend the entire weekend at my folks' house, visiting with all but one of my siblings. Of course, once we heard Judah was going to be having brain surgery, we regretfully cancelled our trip. Due to Lawrence's busy season at work this spring, we hadn't been to see my folks since January, and we were all missing each other sorely. So, we were very grateful that Judah was doing well enough to make a quick trip. Thanks, mom and dad, for hosting us unexpectedly.

Thank you's to:
  • Mary Ranneberger: for the yummy meal and cookies, for your prayers and offer for help!
  • De: for bringing by some groceries and beautiful flowers from your gardens. I can't wait to bring the boys out to "Mistyglen". And, thank the Lord you did not get sick from us.
  • Amy Hollin and your girls: for the cards and the sweet and thoughtfully put together goodie bag for the boys. They loved peeling the tape off the cabinets. Who would've known tape could be so amusing? Amy Hollin would, that's who! Love ya, friend.
  • The Chambers: it was fun to laugh with you and to be able to spend some time with you before you leave us for a month!
  • Marie: for thinking of us w/ a meal today even though we didn't take you up on it. :)
  • our neighbor, Ed, who mowed our front lawn while we were gone!
  • my big sis, Nici: the sweet pics. from Conner (he was so good w/ Judah's boo boo!), the yummy cookies and the sing along books for the boys. You have the gift of generosity!!

Thank you for everyone's very meaningful and thoughtful encouragement. We are being carried by your prayers and your faithful encouragement.

Please pray that:

  • I can get an appointment to have Judah's stitches taken out this week.
  • Judah's 3 wounds will heal well and be ready to have the stitches removed.
  • Strength and much grace for this week as Lawrence will probably have some long days at work, and I will be seeking to get our house and lives back to "normal".
  • if there are any referrals or authorizations I still need to obtain for full coverage of our medical bills, that I will be aware of that and be able to do that in a timely manner and with little frustration.

Thanks for hanging with us and praying for us! We appreciate you so much.

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Beth said...

Aww, your little bubba's are too much.